Transitions in a Writer’s Life


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I have discovered on my writing journey that there are transitions along the way. I remember my first rough drafts and submissions. With each submission and re-write my writing improved and my confidence in my abilities increased. The following article discusses transitions in a writer’s career.


Let’s talk about transitions. Not transitional words – like but, and, either, and or – but the kind of transitions that take our writing to the next level.

On Sunday afternoons, I often tune into Motivational Coach Micheal Burt’s radio show. Coach Burt recently spoke about transitions. Any of us who have experienced a transition, in or outside of our writing life, can attest to the fact that they can be difficult, sometimes scary, and even disorienting.

By definition, a transition is a passageway, a tunnel between phases in our lives. And, while there may be a light at the end, we don’t always see exactly where we’re going. Or how we’re going to get there.


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