Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,


Thomas Edison made the first light bulb that would later be used by the general population. In 1880 he strung light bulbs along the outside of his invention factory during the Christmas season. But the first known person to put electric lights on a Christmas tree was his partner and good friend, Edward H. Johnson.



Before electric Christmas lights, families would use candles to              light up their Christmas trees. This practice was often dangerous              and led to many home fires. Edward H. Johnson put the very first              string of electric Christmas tree lights together in 1882. Johnson,              Edison’s friend and partner in the Edison’s Illumination              Company, hand-wired 80 red, white and blue light bulbs and wound              them around his Christmas tree. Not only was the tree illuminated              with electricity, it also revolved.Click here to read the rest of the article.


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