1950’s Gymsuits

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In my never ending research for a writing project, I ran across this article about gym clothing for high school students in the 1950’s and 60’s. It was a requirement in many schools for students to dress out for gym class. The uniforms for girls were a sight to behold. Blue was the preferred color for gym suits in my neck of the woods. The white ankle socks and pristine white canvas shoes were also required. Whoa to the girl whose shoes were not stark white. Those were the days. To find out more about the ‘bloomers’ and what they looked like I’ve included an excerpt and the link to the article.


One requirement in most schools that existed from before World War II  until the 1980s was wearing very specific gym uniforms. For male students, this  meant wearing gym shorts, and in most cases, a school tee shirt. For female  students, in many cases, it meant wearing a gymsuit, white socks, and white  sneakers.Click here to read the article.




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