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Today our featured article takes us back to the 1960’s and re-lives the music during that time period.

This was a fun article to read and I thought you might enjoy it.


I am a typical baby-boomer. I was born at the end of the forties, went to  school in England and then on to Technical College in London in the mid-sixties.  But my brother is six years older than I and it was through him that I first  heard the music revolution called rock ‘n’ roll that changed the world.
Much has been written of the swingin’ sixties, the decade that  time will never forget and yes, I agree that it was a turbulent time, a time  when the establishment was challenged, when new frontiers were created in  society and music. But to my mind the music of the mid to late fifties was the  catalyst that allowed the sixties to happen. Look at a set list from the early 
Beatles concerts in the sixties and what do you see? Covers of songs by Little Richard,  Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry,  that’s what. Click here to read more.




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