Television in the 1950’s

Yes, there was television in the 1950’s dear readers.


Today’s featured article focuses on the television sets of that decade and some of the programs aired during that season in our country’s history. It was a fun read. I hope you enjoy it too.



The fifties had a lot of innovation in the  entertainment department. Handheld transistor radios were a man’s best friend,  and a brand new device known as television was coming in full force to take over  the living rooms of America.


While the television itself has become a  staple of American culture, the old television clicker, or better known as the  remote has been easily forgotten. But why has it? After all, every day millions  of people use the device to find their favorite television shows, and without  it, some of these people would just be plain old lost. Click here to read the rest of the article.




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