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I am enjoying our weekly featured person in history. Today we will learn about Marietta Holley. She was an author who used her pen and sense of humor to education the general public on women’s issues during her lifetime. I hope you enjoy reading today’s article.

Marietta Holley (1836–1926) was a popular American humorist, often compared to Mark Twain, who used satire to comment on the social and political reform movements of her era. Holley was a private woman who lived in or near her home in Jefferson County, New York, for her entire life. She published her first book at age 36, when she was commissioned by Mark Twain’s publisher to write a humorous novel, My Opinions and Betsy Bobbet’s (1872). This novel launched her successful series of “Samantha” books, a series that revolved around the characters of Samantha Allen, her unwise husband, Josiah Allen, and an aging, man-hungry spinster, Betsey Bobbet. Click here to read all aboutMarietta.




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