Farm Implements-Stone Pickers


It is amazing the tools that are available to farmers and ranchers. They deserve the best for all the hard work that they do. Today’s feature farm implement is a stone picker.

A stone picker (or rock picker) is an implement to remove the top layer of soil to separate and collect rocks and soil debris from good topsoil. It is usually tractor-pulled. A stone picker is similar in function to a rock windrower (rock rake); a stone picker generally digs to greater depths to remove stones and rocks.

Stone pickers are used in farming and landscaping, where stones need to be removed from the soil and ground surface to prevent damage to other farm machinery (such as hay balers, combines, and mowers), improve the soil for crop production, or improve the appearance of the ground surface in preparation for a lawn or a golf course. Surface stones and large rocks often left from plowing can damage a hay bailer, the header or reciprocating knives on a combine, and blades on a rotary mower. Land with rock instead of fine soil are often less useful for crops. Click here to read the entire article.



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