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Had two entrances  –  one for the girls and one for the boys.  Proper desks were purchased to replace the shelves and benches of an earlier era.  The girls sat on one side of the room, and the boys on the other.  The youngest children sat at the front of the classroom, close to the teacher.  Behind the teacher was a blackboard.  A wood stove heated the classroom.

Early teachers did not have the special training that teachers have today.  Many male teachers were retired soldiers who knew how to read and write and needed a job after leaving the army.

One teacher instructed all the children in the school.  He or she taught as many as eight grades at a time.  The class was divided into four groups, each with an upper and lower grade.  If there were many children in a community, only the older students were allowed to attend school during the school year.  A female teacher was hired to teach the younger children during the summer months. Click here for more information.


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  1. I realize that I do have a few wrinkles but not too many aches and pains. However, after reading your blog on the one-room school, I fall somewhere in the antiquarian slot. In our small town, we had a six room school along with the principal’s office downstairs as well as a large auditorium which doubled as a lunch room upstairs.
    What? You mean to tell me those chores weren’t privileges? Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Blessings.

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