Rural Schools Struggle


In doing research for my work-in-progress, I came across this article about rural schools. It is thought-provoking and brings up questions that our educational system needs to consider. With so many rural schools closing, the author discusses the pros and cons of such closures.


Rural schools have come a long way from the one-room school houses of the past and are a shining example to many over-crowded large schools in metro communities. However, as many large, metro schools try to downsize, many small rural schools are being underfunded into nonexistence. This page will offer some strategies, resources, and talking points to help make a case for the small, rural school.

Public policy that pressures small schools into consolidation through underfunding and incentives is counter-productive. As schools get larger, educational results generally worsen. The academic, social and communal advantages of smaller schools are lost. It makes little sense for the best interest of communities and society to adopt public policy that worsens the achievement of outcomes of our schools and students. Click here to read more.



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