Stranger Than Fiction

Have you ever heard the saying, “truth is stranger than fiction?”  Have you ever had one of those days when there were to many ‘adventures’ that were so strange you wondered if anyone would believe you? Those are the kinds of tidbits that are fun to research for a novel. Today’s featured article is a fun one.


So many times in research, I have found stories that are hard to believe. When put into a novel plot, the reader might back off and say, “No way.” Things that happen to us in real life may make for great drama in our own lives, but would that same incident be believable in a novel? One such incident was found in my research for a Civil War novel. The war stopped for one full day in Bayou Sara, Louisiana so a Yankee sea captain could be buried with full Masonic rites. I found the grave and monument in the cemetery in St. Francisville, Louisiana and was fascinated by the story, but found it hard to believe. I researched it, got all the details then included it in my novel.  Still a reader from the North wrote to me and said she questioned the incident until she also looked it up. Click here to read the rest of this interesting article.




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