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It is important for writers to do their research before and during the creating of a manuscript. Today’s featured link discusses why this is so important. I hope you enjoy this article.


As writers of fiction, we obsess over the big things: characters and plot. We work to make certain that readers invest themselves in the people who populate our stories and that every page provides an impetus to turn to the next one. We worry about the big things, and that’s as it should be, but how about the little ones? Are they important enough to justify the effort involved in doing research? I believe they are.

For my own purposes, I needed to know about a specific piece of equipment, one we don’t think about until it’s needed. It’s hidden in overhead bins on airliners and tucked away unobtrusively on ferries. If you look carefully, you can see them as you walk through airports. They can be found in major department stores, shopping malls, even restaurants. I’m talking about AEDs-automated external defibrillators. What if an author wants to make use of one in his or her novel? How hard is it to find out the necessary details? Click here to learn more.



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