White House Historical Christmas Trees

What is Christmas without a little bit of history. The White House Christmas trees have been decorated with many different kinds of themes. The First Lady choses the decorating theme and the tree is decked out accordingly. Today’s featured article includes some great pictures in history.

The First Family’s home has always embraced the holiday season with a sense of style. In 1961, trend-setting Jacqueline Kennedy decorated the Blue Room tree with gingerbread men, snowflakes and small toys from her favorite holiday ballet, The Nutcracker.

Having the First Lady choose a theme is a tradition that’s been around for fifty years now. This year, Michelle Obama’s tree is filled with photos of military families and their homecomings. She also had kids living on military bases create holiday cards shaped like their home state. Red, white and blue ribbons hang from the tree’s branches. Obama’s White House Christmas theme is “Gather Around: Stories of the Season.” Click here to learn more.




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