February Writing Challenge Day Three

Day 3:

Write a setting based on the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen.

The wagon ruts ahead seemed to dwarf even the huge Conestoga wagons. The walls of rock-hard soil that rimmed the trail were so tall Emma couldn’t see over them. She looked behind her at the emigrants struggling up the rocky path, urging their mules and oxen and horses forward. One mare a couple of wagons back slipped and fell heavily, pulling its teammate to the ground as well. The driver cursed and got down, stepping carefully from the brake to the wheel hub to the dirt. There was no jumping from the five-foot height of the wagon. A body could snap a leg or stumble and hit their head. Maybe even die. Emma looked ahead. As far as she could see, the trail had been dug deep into the soil. After six days of this, she felt like she was walking through a perpetual grave. And yet she’d never seen anything so beautiful in all her life. Knowing that thousands of emigrants had already traveled this trail to freedom, and thousands more followed in her wake, gave her the strength and courage to carry on. She was part of something bigger than herself.


How about you? Write about a beautiful place you have seen? How did it touch you?


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