Hope For Writers And Readers

How do you write a happily-ever-after when your own story has turned into a tragedy?

That is a really good question. Today’s featured article provides hope for all of use during the hard times of life. It is SO, worth the read.


When I landed my last novel contract, frankly, it was the first bit of good news I’d had in a long while. I’d prayed to be able to write this book for a few months, thinking it would be just what I needed to take my mind off of what was really going on in my real life-a divorce.

I was so thankful when it came through. I read through my editor’s notes immediately and sat down at the computer. I couldn’t wait to bury myself in this new story. But instead of pouring my energy into the new book, I found, for the first time ever, that I couldn’t write at all. Not only could I not write, I loathed sitting in front of the computer. I found myself doing anything else-bathing the dog, painting rooms, cleaning, all sorts of things I REALLY hated to do.  And, if I did happen to get in front of the computer, I was emailing my lawyer, trying to negotiate the sale of my home or figuring out whose weekend it was with the kids. Even emails I feared would be full of bad news. And I especially avoided staring at the blinking cursor on the white page of my very incomplete manuscript. The document sat minimized on the dock of my desktop. Click here to read more.



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I write stories of His Story Through The Ages that offer tales of hope and redemption.

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