Motel Postcards 1920’s-1960’s

This article is a fun way with a glimpse of motels from the 1920’s-1960’s. Enjoy.


It was the 1950s that were most famed for the family road trip. Across the nation, Americans were on the move. Travelling on newly built highways and in tail-finned cars; taking in the sights and scenes of the country; eating at roadside diners, and overnighting at roadside motels. Unless you can get your hands on a DeLorean, your road-trip won’t take you back in time. But, you can get an insight into this travel culture from the postcards from this era, and particularly those of motels. In the 1950s – as they do today – postcards served as a means of communication, a travel souvenir, or a way for vacationers to document their journey or add to a personal collection. For small business owners, postcards were a primary means of advertising. As the motels were usually pictured in idealized ways these postcards offer us a window to postwar American culture. Click here to learn more.



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