1919 World Series Footage

Today’s post is for you baseball fans. This article discusses the scandal of the 1919 World Series, complete with rare footage of the game.


The commissioner of baseball found that eight members of the Chicago White Sox conspired to fix the World Series in 1919 in exchange for cash bribes. The “Black Sox” scandal that forced “Shoeless” Joe Jackson’s squad into banishment from the game is the most infamous black eye in Major League Baseball history. It’s not the only time something like that happened in baseball, but it’s the event we know the most about.

That’s why the discovery of 4 1/2 minutes of footage from the ’19 Series is such an important find. The silent footage from British Canadian Pathé News doesn’t necessarily inform us much about the scandal itself, but it certainly gives us a time-capsule glimpse into what baseball looked like nearly 100 years ago. While the edges of the film are degraded, the center of the frames is astonishingly clear and sharp. Most of all, it’s just neat. Click here to learn more and watch the footage.



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