1950’s Air Travel

With many of us traveling this summer for work or vacation, this article is an interesting look back on air flights. Enjoy.

Air travel has come a long way since the 1950s, this we know. We’re deep into our bizarre affection for SkyMall, personal TV screens and in-flight WiFi (not to mention WiFi in general).

But in the 50s, flying was something different. It was something magical and marvelous. Air travel exploded into its Golden Age, and airplane trips weren’t just a means of getting to your vacation — they were a vacation in themselves. Passengers dressed in their finest to fly. They lined up for group photos before boarding. Riding an airplane made them feel like a movie star because it pretty much took the salary of a movie star to do so.

But not everything was so rosy. If you took a flight in the 1950s… Click here to learn more.


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