Maggie Magoffin~The Business Side

The Business and $$$ Side of the Story

Day 2 of guest author, Maggie Magoffin

What I’ve shared with you so far is how the stories came to be. Now, for the behind the scenes challenges for me as a writer.

In addition to earning a BA in English and Professional Writing, I’ve spent over six years training to be a professional writer. I began in February 2008 by attending the Christian Writer’s Guild Conference. In March of 2008, I began their Apprentice program, which I completed in 2010. In the fall of 2008 I joined the North Denver Chapter of American Christian Fiction Writers. In 2012 I completed the Christian Writers Guild’s Craftsman program. Over the years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars, taken many classes, attended numerous Christian writers conferences, seminars and meetings.  I’ve learned about developing plot and characters. I’ve learned all the various rules of writing. I’ve also learned a great deal about how to get an agent and get published by a traditional publisher. Until recently, I never even considered the idea of self-publishing. My training taught me that if you write well enough an agent will pick you up and get you published. I’ve also learned recently how much the publishing industry has changed.

The project with the Cholua Brothers pretty much threw everything I knew about publishing a book out the window. Although David knew a great deal about printing and advertising, he knew nothing about publishing. It was up to me to get the book written, formatted, edited and printed. His part was to get it out there and promote the book and Maggie Magoffin. And. we agreed in June that the book would launch in November on the first anniversary of Cholua Bros. Mining Co. Coffee.

Since I brought up my pseudonym or nom de plume, let me interject that I decided to publish my historical fiction under a name other than my own in order to differentiate between my historical fiction and contemporary Christian work. I formed the name from two different characters in a novel by Louis Lamore.

One thing I learned from David is if you want to be successful in selling any product, you must brand yourself or that product. Since my product was the book and I plan to write more books (new products) it made more sense to brand Maggie than to brand the book. I highly suggest to all my writer friends to find a way to brand yourself as a writer and not one or two particular books or book series.

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(Maggie’s book would make a great Christmas gift.~Donna)


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