Guest Author Maggie Magoffin

Day 3 of the Maggie Magoffin Series

I spent several hundred dollars on a well-made 1800’s Old West costume from www. . (I ordered and returned items from several other companies who make period costumes. Recollections is by far the best.) I worked with a friend who knows a lot about make-up and purchased more brushes and cosmetics than I’ve owned in my lifetime (buying those at Walmart and Target saved me $). With a couple of hairpieces and a lot of hairspray and clips I created an 1800’s hairstyle. I worked with Milna of to create a number of professional looking photographs which cost me another couple hundred dollars. Voila! I created Maggie and gave David a product to brand and run with.

In late June, David and his brother developed a cover and back copy for a preview edition containing the first three chapters of Misadventures of the Cholua Brothers – Dead Man Walking, so they just had to tweak what we already had for the completed story.

On July 4th, at a holiday celebration at the Cholua Bros. Store, we launched that preview copy. The rest of the summer and early fall, David and Tony gave away free copies of the preview edition at their store, their retail locations and at all the events where they had booths to sell their coffee products. We printed 650 copies which cost me around $700, but quite a few of those people receiving the free copies were waiting for the actual book to launch.

I do not recommend printing a book without having it professionally edited. But as I’d already spent a substantial sum of money, knew there would be more to be spent, and we were under some pretty tight time constraints, I did not and will not be using an editor for the Misadventures of the Cholua Brothers series.

Once I completed the story and the self-editing process, I sent copies of the manuscript to a number of readers to review. My critique group read the first part of the manuscript in our meetings between June and October and one of my readers from that group critiqued the entire manuscript.

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