Guest Author, Maggie Magoffin

Part 4 of the series with guest author, Maggie Magoffin.

Next, I needed an ISBN number and barcode. I went to for those. I purchased ten ISBN numbers because one cost $125 but ten cost $250, so it was definitely the better deal and the numbers never expire. The bar code was $25. A different ISBN number is needed for each form of a book, i.e. audio, e-book, hardback, etc. Also, as in my case, going from saddle stitched binding to regular binding requires a different ISBN number. If you create subsequent editions that contain changes, they require a different ISBN number. And, since we do plan to create four books in the series, I felt comfortable I would use the numbers in a relatively short period of time.

Jimmy at Cottrell Printing, printer for the Cholua Brothers, was a sweetheart and helped me considerably in getting the book ready for the printing process. I’d been writing the story in booklet format from the start so the formatting was pretty much already completed. I emailed him a copy in .pdf format along with the front and back cover, the ISBN bar code and the pricing bar code. He performed the necessary tweaks to make the book look like we wanted it. We still wanted the stories to have that dime novel look to them and selected papers to carry through that theme.  At Anthony’s suggestion, we kept the story in 12-point font. He said it was easier for us old folks to read. The cost for printing 250 copies was around $750, or a little over $3 a copy.

Throughout the entire process, my son-in-law, Matt, who owns Kemper Kreative, was building a website for Maggie M Publications. You can check it out at David sent out press releases about the book launch and Maggie. And we had great press coverage in the Weekly Register-Call and the Gambler.

The weekend finally came for the book launch and it went pretty well. Attendance was very good on Saturday and a few folks came by on Sunday. In all we sold around 40 books at $5.00 each, which was half the retail price. That was the first of this month. That was four weeks ago and since then, we have 20 books.

I knew from the onset that if we wanted this book to be sold and read outside our immediate circle of friends, family and acquaintances we needed to get it on Amazon. I found the book Sell Your Book on Amazon by Brent Sampson and learned from it that there is more to selling and marketing your book on Amazon than just making it available. I won’t go into the details but I highly recommend if you plan to self-publish that you study that book thoroughly before you select a self-publishing organization.

You can read the first three chapters of Dead Man Walking by clicking here.


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