10 Reminders For Writers

If you’re like me, the new year brings a time of reflection and reminders. Reflection in thinking about the past year and what I accomplished or didn’t. Reminders in the new year to stay focused and on track with my writing.

Writing is hard work, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We spend hours at a computer, neglecting exercise and proper posture. Beyond that, we pour our hearts and souls into the words we arrange into stories, articles, even blog posts. We spend time and money learning how to write, constantly improving our skills.

Then, when it seems like it couldn’t get any harder, we take a deep breath and share our words with the world. So often that world can be less than kind. To face the tumultuous life of writing, we have to take time to feed your writer’s soul.

Today I want to share some tips you can use-even if you’re doing NaNoWriMo-to nurture the writer within. Learn more.



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I write stories of His Story Through The Ages that offer tales of hope and redemption.

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