Fictional Sidekicks

What is the purpose of the lead character in a novel having a side kick or close friend? This article is helpful to writers in character development.

Lone Ranger & Tonto. LaVerne & Shirley. Lucy & Ethel. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson. Batman & Robin. Shaggy & Scooby. Frodo & Samwise. Lorelei & Sookie.

These names may sound familiar, but what do they have in common?

They’re all fictional main characters with their sidekicks, or close companions.

Just as real people have sidekicks-friendships with others-fictional characters need them, too.

Even though they may not be regarded as popular as the one they accompany, sidekicks act as Voices of Truth/Reason, provide information to the main character, or just plain watch the other’s back.

In addition to being a Voice of Truth, a good sidekick can act as comic relief. Nothing like a dose of laughter to lighten the mood, right? Read more.



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