Dress From Gone With The Wind

Scarlett O’Hara’s dress from the movie, Gone With The Wind, is being cared for in California.

From a cavernous warehouse in an undisclosed location in Southern California, the collections manager of the Natural History Museum, Beth Werling, manages a war against entropy. The warehouse’s exact location must remain secret – the place is a literal treasure trove of priceless artifacts.

On this particular sunny spring day, Werling, a zaftig, self-possessed blonde, is contemplating the Scarlett O’Hara barbecue dress. The dress came into the museum’s possession 10 years ago, after its sister institution, LACMA, decided to stop collecting costumes, and it has been languishing in storage ever since. As 2014 is Gone With the Wind’s 75th anniversary, there is hope among staffers that the dress might be displayed. Read more.



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