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Soon after I began researching my stories, I realized many historians take a dim view of fiction, and the idea of historical romance makes their left eyes twitch. When historians sit down to read about their favorite period, they choose scholarly works such as biographies or firsthand battlefield accounts complied from soldiers’ diaries and letters home. I respect that choice and harbor no secret hope of swaying purists into falling in love with historical romance. But as a fellow lover of history, I see us at a crossroads as the 150th anniversary of the Civil War draws to a close this year. I contend that if those who prefer history to remain unsullied and unchanged by whim and plot twists don’t relax a tad and stop bad-mouthing fiction, along with television and movie adaptions, the general public’s grasp of history will only continue to decline. I hope I’m wrong about this. But polls indicate many college students don’t have a clue as to who Thomas Jefferson was or the role he played in founding our country. Some college students polled thought Ben Franklin invented electricity when he flew a kite and got electrocuted. Read more.


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I write stories of His Story Through The Ages that offer tales of hope and redemption.

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