The Dalton Gang

The Dalton Gang attempted the robbery of two banks on October 5, 1892 in Coffeyville, Kansas. The town features a walking tour of the Dalton Gang’s attempt. Trekking down Death Alley, to behind the hardware store, past the old jail, there are murals and plaques depicting the trail of events the gang took and eventually met their demise. One can even walk into the Chamber of Commerce and see what the old lobby of the original bank was like in 1892.

The Brown family started the local gas company and the family mansion was built in 1906. It is a beautiful building.

Coffeeville also has a rich aviation history.

Coffeyville has witnessed aviation activities as far back as the year 1900. The first flights were, of course, by free balloon. The first airplanes were brought here during the Fair in 1909. One was the Glenn Curtiss-type Pusher Bi-plane powered by a four-cylinder motor, chain driven with two propellers. These early planes were displayed and flown at Forrest Park. Later a few more planes and gliders were flown here and at the city of Parsons. 

The first Coffeyville-owned airplane was a World War I “Jenny” which was brought here by Roy Good in 1920. In 1925, two barnstormers came with a pair of old “Jennies.” They held forth at Abe Cline’s pasture for a week, charging $3.50 for a seven-minute ride. Learn more.


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