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By HG Ferguson

I have shown it does in fact the opposite.  The verse used about “pure” ignores the very first thing Paul enjoins.  “Whatsoever things are TRUE” and that is precisely what Mark does with the demoniac.  This was  a true event, framed in consummate horror writing, the words deliberately chosen to paint a TRUE picture of what God wants us to see in this story.  Those who insist “We need to look at the LIGHT” ignore that God begins with the graveyard, the demons, the screaming, the unnatural strength, the gloating remnants of the chains, the blood-drenched naked figure terrorizing this entire region!  Not with the Light, but with the Darkness.  With horror.  With Truth.  It makes the Light, when it comes, all the more bright!  God does this to magnify the destruction of evil in Jesus Christ, which is what this story is really meant to teach us.  The extent of the evil and darkness at the beginning of this story only magnifies its complete and total defeat at the end.  Without the graveyard, the fear, the HORROR, the story loses its purpose.  We must see the whole counsel of God here, the way God wrote it.  We may get creeped and quiver a bit as we read, but God wants us to see the demons quiver as they beg Jesus not to do them harm.  No chain on earth can bind them, but they quake before the Son of God, powerless in His Presence.  These creatures of hell who made all men fear now shake.  They are beaten.  And they know it.  Jesus rules them with a rod of iron.  As the ancient church cried in triumph, Christus Victor!         

Further, “Shun the very appearance of evil” is so universally misquoted and misapplied I shudder almost every time I hear it!  This does NOT MEAN that Christians cannot depict evil in stories, or watch or read anything with evil in it!  If that were the case, let’s close our Bibles right now forever, because the Bible is replete with depictions of evil.  No.  In its context this verse means do not listen to false prophecies.  Do not listen to the voices of deceiving spirits.  Do not follow the Book of Mormon, or those who claim to speak for God and yet do not conform to His Word.  Look at it in its context and you will see what I say is true.

Yes, brothers and sisters, horror can be a tool used for God, if it follows the pattern presented here.  Satan loses.  The demons are defeated.  And yet we have a creepy, scary atmosphere; blood; nakedness; violence; the voice of invisible unclean THINGS speaking through a human mouth.  This is horror.  But it also glorifies God.  (This is the approach my novel New Blood takes, about a Christian “vampire” named Rebecca.  How can that be?  Check it out.  You may be surprised.)

Discernment is, as always, called for.  We must always test the spirits by the Word.  Some horror stories (novels and movies) follow the pattern of Mark 5:1-20 (Dracula, Frankenstein,The Stand, Darkness Falls, New Blood).  Others I prefer to leave unmentioned do not, even some touted as “Christian horror.”  But whether we care for it or not, and that’s fine either way, let us remove forever the notion that horror is not in the Bible and is not a viable option for the Christian.

Christians who like the horror genre and write in it are not required to offer an apology to the rest of the Church.  They are only following their Master, the Great Author, The One who penned Tales from the First Century Crypt!  To Him be the glory, forever and ever!  Amen.


H.G. Ferguson is the author of New Blood, a historical romantic adventure …THAT… tale set in 1755 Pennsylvania on the eve of the French and Indian War and follows the exploits and journey of Rebecca, the Christian “vampire.”

Amazon link: http://www.amazon.com/New-Blood-Book-The-Calling-ebook/dp/B007VDQ850

Look for — he hopes — his “ghost” story Jezebelle coming to Amazon Kindle in October.  His current WIP is a medieval fantasy tale set in another world having an eastern (Slavic) rather than a western European flavor (more Alexander Nevsky than The Lord of the Rings), a stirring and chilly struggle of men, monsters and undead, The Sacred War, with plenty of biblical …THAT… to go around.



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