Great Museums

The Great Museums website is a wealth of information. Students, teachers, writers, and history buffs will enjoy the site.

The award-winning documentary series GREAT MUSEUMS opens the doors of the museum world to millions of viewers through public television and new media.  Stories of history and progress fill us with pride or shame. Stories of art and culture inspire and challenge us. Stories of nature and science unleash a lifelong love of discovery.

Our museums are living, cultural institutions that hold the treasures and tell the tales of our collective experiences. Over 15,000 museums in the United States alone offer thousands of different experiences and display millions of objects from around the world. Touch a moon rock. Float weightlessly at zero gravity in a space flight simulator. Stand chest to chest with George Washington’s uniform. Examine the intricate brush strokes of a painting by Van Gogh. Learn more.



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I write stories of His Story Through The Ages that offer tales of hope and redemption.

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