Crafting Characters

As writers we know that we need to develop our characters in our stories. This article provides some helpful tips to do that.

After moving into a new neighborhood, I moseyed to the swing on the front porch. My neighbors stirred about filling hummingbird feeders, weeding flowerbeds, and walking their dogs. Curiosity mounted as I sipped coffee and enjoyed the cool of the morning. Who were these people and how long had they lived here? Did they have a family? What did they do for a living?
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It wasn’t until later I realized that’s exactly what our readers want to know when they turn the pages of our novels. This is why we hear repetitive teaching about character development. Some of us learn fast and catch on the first time around. However, for others, all that information lays dormant in a mental filing cabinet until our understanding actually grasps its meaning. Learn more.


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