The Midwife’s Tale Part Four

The Midwife’s Tale Part Four

Joseph poked his head in through the doorway, and Mary smiled at him.  “She doesn’t believe about our baby, Joseph. Tell her about your dream.”

And so Joseph began relating the details of a most extraordinary dream he’d had, of God confirming Mary’s story about the child in her womb being conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Okay, so I really wasn’t in any position to contradict their story. I wasn’t there. And, I had a cousin who swore she was still a virgin after she had her first baby, even though we all knew better. Who was I to limit God?

The thing that really convinced me was their complete and unshakeable belief that God not only could but would work through them.  Joseph was a carpenter, not an educated man filled with prophecy from the prophets, or able to argue the scriptures to prove his point.  His hands were toughened by many hours of hard work. His strong fingers bore the marks of chisels and planes.

All he knew was what he believed God had told him in his dream. And he believed Mary when she told him about the visit by the angel.

This was the first time I had seen anyone risk their entire being for their belief in God.  I was humbled by their faith.

After another hour of minor contractions, Mary’s labor began in earnest.  I ushered Joseph out into the dark.  “Pray that God will ease her pain and make this child come soon.”

Joseph’s wan smile filled my heart. “God is already here, in this child. Nothing will go wrong.”

His simple words of faith and his complete trust in God pricked at my conscience. Here I was, a woman whose faith was none too evident in her life, a woman confident of her career, secure in her marriage, successful and comfortable, feeling a little envious of the uncomplicated faith of a carpenter and his wife in a stable in Bethlehem.

I wanted what they had.

Within a short time, Mary had put every ounce of strength she had into pushing a tiny baby boy into the world. His full head of dark hair heralded his coming, and his strong cry soon filled the stable.  Joseph came into the cave at the first cry, the worry lines erased from his face.  Kneeling beside his wife and new son, tears streamed down his face.  He reached for the child, and Mary passed the infant gently to its father.

Joseph stared into the child’s face for several moments as Mary and I watched. The infant reached a tiny hand to his father’s beard, grasping it between his miniature fingers.



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