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We welcome Christine Lindsay back again today as she shares with us some of her deepest pains and greatest joys. At the end, you’ll find out how you can win a free copy of her ebook, Sofi’s Bridge.

How did you get started writing?

Back in 1999 I was reunited with my birth daughter Sarah, the child I had relinquished to adoption 20 years earlier. The reunion with my daughter was such an emotional upheaval I began to relive my original loss of her as my child. When I gave her up as a baby in 1979, I had done so as an unwed mother and believed it was best for her to be raised by a mom and a dad.

After the reunion though, my husband found me crying over the renewed loss of my child. He went out and returned a while later with a brand new journal and pen, and said, “Here honey, write it.”

That journaling helped me heal, but it also turned into a career as a fiction writer where my goal is to inspire others through an entertaining story. Life is tough, so I try to write stories that will take readers away from their own struggles for a while, and through deeply psychological and emotional stories give them some hope for their own heartache. I believe in happy endings because I believe in the ultimate happy endings in our own lives when we trust the Lord Jesus for everything.


What can your readers expect from you next?

This August my non-fiction book Finding Sarah, Finding Me: A Birthmother’s Story will be released. I am also starting to write a brand new fiction series set in Ireland and the US.


 Tell me about your ideal reader.

I love my readers, and my ideal is a woman or a man who likes a deep, multi-layered story that tackles (delicately) some tough issues. A few of those issues are spousal abuse, alcoholism, infertility, trying to save the ones we love. My ideal reader likes to be swept away on a story, but not preached at. They enjoy mystery and danger, what I like to call big love stories, and great historical detail. While my readers are being entertained they pick up on historical fact in a very enjoyable way, where they feel they are in the scene. They can taste it, smell it, and feel it.


Question to readers: What ancestor in your lineage would you like to write about?

About Christine:

Christine Lindsay is the author of multi-award-winning Christian fiction. Tales of her Irish ancestors who served in the British Cavalry in Colonial India inspired her multi-award-winning series Twilight of the British Raj. Her Irish wit and use of setting as a character is evident in her newest release Sofi’s Bridge.


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Page one of Sofi’s Bridge

Seattle Washington, June 1913


A blur of white raced along the grounds to the beach.


Sofi froze at the second story window. Set against the tattered sky of an incoming squall, her sister’s nightgown billowed in the dark. For the past six weeks Trina kept as much distance as she could from the sight and sound of the surf. Sofi raised a shaking hand to her throat, turned and tore along the upper hall. “Mattie, she’s outside.”


China shattered as Matilda, their housekeeper, dropped a supper tray.


At the staircase, Sofi hiked up her black silk skirts and pounded downwards.


Matilda followed close behind.


Ten minutes ago Trina had been in the nursery, huddling on the window seat. Though nearly grown she was always in the nursery since that night when. . .Trina even slept in the nursery instead of her bedroom, crying for Papa, with Sofi holding her close.


Matilda huffed. “I only left Trina to collect her supper.”


A yelping Odin found Sofi at the kitchen hallway. The Springer Spaniel bounded, his cold nose nudging her hand. Thank goodness one thing in this house had stayed the same. With Odin barking, she pushed through the green baize door. The dog darted past her.


Inga, their cook, swung around to face her.  Frida, the housemaid, dropped whatever she held in her hand, and a man Sofi could swear she’d never seen before sat at the table, and shot to his feet as she hurtled through the kitchen.


She reached the outer door when the man—the gardener, she remembered now—pushed past her and flung the door wide. He charged across the lawn. The dog yowled and leapt after him. With Inga, Frida, and Matilda running behind, Sofi fled in the wake of the gardener down the trail to the beach.

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