Our Reflection in Their Eyes

Today I’m excited to host Patricia Kirk. She shares her thoughts and insight into looking at others through God’s eyes.


Lazarus and his two sisters, Martha, and Mary, lived together. They had no spouses or children. Martha surely suffered as someone who lived to keep a home. In the Jewish culture, children fulfilled a woman. But women will be saved through childbearing 1 Timothy 2:15.


As I researched the family of Lazarus for the Biblical Novel, Martha’s Sister, Beloved Prodigal, I found fascinating differences from typical Jews. And questions.


Prosperous: Martha had no problem furnishing a feast to Jesus and his followers on short notice,  testifying to her skill in homemaking. Why didn‘t they marry? Men wanted women like Martha.


Did they forget to use deodorant? Were their clothes caked with filth? Jewish law decreed cleanliness, and they followed Jewish law.


Though Lazarus and Martha lived responsible lives, did they lose their good name because of Mary‘s sin? Who betrothed the sister of a harlot? What father wants the brother of a prostitute in his family?


Had the harlot actually changed? What influence would she have on their offspring? They couldn’t know, she conducted herself more primly than today’s Amish. She wanted no misunderstanding. A man might mistake a casual glance.


Martha asked herself the question when Mary walked in the door. How long will she stay? Only a believer knows the dramatic change salvation brings. “Go ye and sin no more.” Mary lived by those words.


Once saved, we become new creations, the old creation dead. But the world may refuse to close the grave.


When we become believers, too often we forget to close the grave as well. We lay in bed berating ourselves for our past lives. I occasionally find my thoughts in childhood, “Why did I do that?” What a waste. I can’t change that now.


Our only concern is how God sees us.  I like Wayne Dyer’s statement, “What other people think of me is none of my business.”


We’re blessed if we can look at others and not search for our reflection in their eyes.


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About Patricia:

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  1. Pat: Thrilled that you’re with us today. Love the information. I can see you’re passionate about the research!

  2. Thanks Donna. Love getting to know a few of Jesus’ best friends.

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