Author Spotlight — Biblican Fiction Author Pat W. Kirk

Today we’re thrilled to host author Pat W. Kirk who writes Biblical fiction. Welcome, Pat!

Thank you, Donna, for allowing me to discuss my version of the writing process for the Biblical fiction novel, Martha‘s Sister, Beloved Prodigal.

What do I enjoy most about writing?

First century AD tells the most dramatic and important story in history. Jesus saved the world. Lazarus, Martha, and Mary lived in a period unique in history. Mary washed the feet of the Master as jeering men complained. The Lord called a man, dead four days, from the tomb. The family joined other believers in a room where the flames of the holy spirit fell on their heads. The Bible says all believers met there. These plain people–not a spiritual giant among them–though Mary may have had a spiritual sensitivity, lived in this exalted time. I found the buried treasure of their lives.

The book of John identified Mary “the sister of Lazarus” as the “sinner” who washed the feet of the Master. Throughout history, scholars believed Mary of Magdala washed his feet. The Lord stood at my elbow as I read that verse and allowed me the pleasure of discovery.

And writing itself. I realized the peace I felt one day as these imaginary friends became real. If I send a copy of the book to heaven addressed to Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, they will read it with amazement. Stunned at my depiction of them, will they laugh or cry? But these three people came alive whether or not the heavenly crowd recognizes them.

I walk through the day with Lazarus and family friend Zacchaeus lurking in my brain. Gresham (you won’t find him in the Bible) nudges me to tell his story. They nag me to get back to the computer. Sunday, the pastor’s words work around them. Poor man once mentioned Mary of Magdala as the sinner and, unthinking, I shook my head “no.” I’m correcting my pastor? No arrogance there.

Least favorite part of writing

The tenth draft  came to an end. I researched editing programs and settled on ProWritingAid. I added the first two chapters..

 Chest expanded. Shoulders back. “This book can’t be better. Corrections shouldn‘t take more than fifteen minutes.” As the kids used to say, “Not.”

 Such are the delusions of the great American author (who isn‘t, I discovered, me). I spent two hours making corrections. As I learn, every two chapters still takes two hours. Love those sticky sentences. I can’t define them. But I must correct them. And don’t forget “would” trailing every third word. Long words offend ProWritingAid so I go to the internet and hunt for synonyms of only one syllable.

So what is my least favorite part of writing? Perfecting.

What can readers do to make my book successful?

I need ten honest (but kind) beta readers. Will return the favor. Write reviews. Share the book on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends.

About Pat:

I graduated from the University of Kansas in art–when they still had an art department.


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  1. Pat, this is a great spotlight. Love the idea that you give away books!

  2. Thank you. Many writers give away large numbers of books, but they have several books to sell. I’m afraid I restrict my giving to those mentioned.

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