Deanna Klingel – Author Spotlight

Today I am excited to welcome Deanna Klingel back as our special guest as she answers some tough questions. Read through to the end to learn how you can win a free copy of her latest book, Blue-Eyed Doll.


What do you most enjoy about writing?

What I enjoy the most about writing is the creativity. I can be anywhere, be anyone, and experience all kinds of things, in my head, of course. I do a lot of research for historical fiction. As much research is necessary for historical fiction as for non-fiction or biography. It has to be accurate. It’s another part of my job I enjoy the most.


What do you least enjoy about writing?

My least favorite part is the process of submission. It’s work! Uncovering the most suitable publisher for the work you’re ready to submit, then following their individual guidelines, writing synopsis, cover letter, and waiting. There is nothing I enjoy about this process other than finally sending it off.


Where do you write?

I’m fortunate to have a beautiful office where I write. It’s in the loft of our log home. Everything I need, resource books, file cabinets, pencils and envelopes, it’s all right here within reach. That takes away lot of the mundane frustration of not feeling organized. It has a huge window that looks into the forest. It used to be an open loft that collected all the noise from downstairs, but my thoughtful husband had glassed French doors installed, so I can close out the TV from downstairs. It’s really a writer’s dream room.


What are you working on now?

I’m not writing anything new at the moment. I’ve just had three new releases so I’m marketing marketing marketing. I’ve got a couple of teen novels in the editing stage that I’ll submit soon.

I’ve just learned that my picture book nature series is going bilingual in Spanish. I’m excited to see that happen. I’ve got some outlines going for other picture books and a stack of research for the next historical fiction. I’ll manage to keep busy.


How can readers help?

Readers might not realize how helpful they can be to their authors. If a reader likes a book, there are ways to promote it, such as a quick review and stars on Amazon or Goodreads. It’s also very helpful if the reader tells the neighborhood bookseller about it and asks to have it in stock. Asking an indie bookseller to order a book for you, if they don’t have it, is a huge help. And we appreciate that.

In fact, I appreciate my readers so much, I’d like to give one of them a book! Blue-Eyed Doll will be coming to a randomly drawn reader who leaves a comment. My pleasure.

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Deanna K. Klingel lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband and golden retriever. Their seven children are married and raising families around the Southeast. You can find her at and on Facebook, Deanna K. Klingel Author.


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