Today I am happy to welcome author Wade Webster as he shares some thoughts on one thing most of us resist — change. Read all the way to the end as he also shares some things you might find interesting about him as a person. And, he’s offering a free book to one lucky reader who leaves a comment, so make sure to read all the way through.

The year is 2009. Many businesses are struggling. Some won’t survive. Why doesn’t Zane King notice the warning signs all around him? His kids are growing up without him in their lives.

Erosion is a gradual, often silent process. A man can drift off course in so many ways.

After the death of his father ten years ago the family business was all Zane’s now. So are the demons that come along with such a high calling. When he learns running helps to stave off the depression that haunts him Zane enters every marathon he can find.

His wife, Lindsey, has her hands full with their three kids, especially when the swine flu invades their home. Zane takes advantage of the situation to hire a young secretary he can keep after hours.

That’s the backdrop for Something’s Gotta Change, book one of the King of Kings series.

Men’s issues are seldom addressed in fiction, mostly because few men read fiction. At least they claim they don’t read fiction. Perhaps if more books were written addressing their issues there would be a higher demand for such books.

Being a novice writer I didn’t know this fact when I wrote Something’s Gotta Change. I just wrote the book that had to come out of me. I don’t know how many men will read it, but somebody needs to.

Like other books I’ve written there were bits and pieces of ideas floating around my head that didn’t seem to have a place to land. As soon as a publisher showed some interest in my mouse book, Eek’s Gifts, the plot for this book took shape on its own.

The turning point for Zane’s transformation takes place after he reads Eek’s Gifts. It’s then that he realizes what’s been missing in his life and what Lindsey found after their wedding; a saving grace relationship with God through Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection.

Christian writers have the most natural means of offering transformation than any other sector of writers. Jesus was always changing people’s lives when He walked this earth. That power didn’t leave when He left this planet. His Spirit still remains to continue that process.

The background and circumstances will change with each story, but the method remains simple. Bring the main character to the point of hopelessness so they find the only true source of hope and grace.

Rock bottom is where most people finally look up, especially as adults. Too many writers are too kind to their characters. Real life isn’t as relenting. Writers need to search their own souls to discover the demons that attack us all.

It’s only then that we can show those demons attacking our characters to shape them into what will be agents of change. That’s the only way change will reach the readers.

Question: What personal demons have shown themselves to you as you write?

Here are some interesting things Wade Webster has been known to say that stand out to people:

I was saved so young I don’t remember not being born again.

I never want to be considered normal. That’s why it makes sense to be a born-again Christian.

I can’t not write.

My best piece of advice to young people is: be the best you you can be.

I spend a lot of time by myself, but I’m never alone. Jesus will never leave me nor forsake me.

Always keep a piece of paper handy for those moments when inspiration strikes, even if it’s when you’re driving an 18-wheeler down an Interstate highway. (Don’t tell anybody I actually do that.)

Wade Webster is a truck driver turned writer. His writing drives people closer to God through Jesus Christ. He attended Grace Bible College sometime in the last century. He’s never run a marathon or a large corporation.

A copy of Something’s Gotta Change will be mailed to a random commenter.

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