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Today please welcome author Wade Webster as he shares about a wonderful surprise. Read all the way through to find out how to win a free book.


Sometimes a blog experiment can turn into a new course for a writer’s life. That’s what happened to me in December 2011.

I started blogging on my 50th birthday. I didn’t know where it would take me as I followed the advice from the top agents’ blogs I read. I wrote about my life growing up on a farm on the edge of nowhere in Michigan.

As Christmas approached I decided to try my hand at biblical fiction. The characters in the Bible’s account of Jesus’s birth had lessons for us all. So began a journey I hope never stops.

Since I blog once a week I decided to spend my breakfast with each scene during the week. I read and re-read the story. I asked questions of the people as I tried to put myself into that event. The results were amazing.

I didn’t used to think the Bible had much to say about Joseph, Jesus’s stepdad. With this method of Bible study I discovered he was an incredible young man. The way he had to step up to protect Mary made her love him all the deeper before they were truly intimate in their relationship.

On the practical front my blog subscribers more than tripled during this experiment. I ran into one of those top agents at some conferences so I passed the idea of making this into a book by him. He said if I could make it 24 chapters He could sell it.

I knew there were some scenes I skipped. Some of the chapters could be split into two. Within half an hour my thirteen chapters grew into 24. That agent said this book has merit, but he’s too busy to take this project on so I went with a small publisher to make The Extra Ordinary Christmas, How God used ordinary people to bring the most extraordinary person into the world, a real book.

If you’re familiar with the Christmas story get this book. When you’re finished with it you’ll get to know the people in this incredible epic on an intimate level. You’ll also be challenged on many levels by the lessons each of these people has to teach us.

One woman left a comment that blew me away. It was the time the shepherds showed up in the stable after Jesus was born. She said the story was so well written she could smell the straw in the stable as she read my blog. I never mentioned straw. That was her personal experience.

I continued with the Easter story on my blog, then senior citizens, teenagers, widows and orphans in the Bible. I’m currently working through prayers in the Bible. Like I said earlier I hope this never stops.

Leave a comment here for a chance to win one of these books for yourself.

Fun Facts About Wade Webster:

My favorite bug is the Monarch Butterfly because it baffles evolutionists by its life cycle.

I actually enjoy running, not marathon distances, but the exercise part of it keeps me healthy.

One time I rebuilt a carburetor in the Texas panhandle at a rest area during a vacation. Yes, the car ran fine afterward and got us back to Michigan.

My favorite part about writing is feeling that I’m being used by God to further His kingdom. Sometimes when I finish writing something I look around for who wrote this. That’s when I know God is using me as His instrument. There’s not a better feeling in all creation.

I must be an uber-introvert since I enjoy those lone stretches of highway in a big rig when God speaks to me in special ways. I think it’s that being still to know God that most folks miss out on.

Wade lives by himself but he’s never alone. His best friend, Jesus Christ, is always near as He promised to be several times in the Bible.

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  1. I would love to read one of these books. 🙂 Merry Christmas!

  2. I’m sure you will love getting to know the Bible people better. Notice I didn’t call them “characters.” These are actual people God used, not pretend ones in a fiction book.
    Merry Christmas back at ya.

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