Prayer: A Cure for Self-Doubt — Olivia Rae

Today I’m happy to welcome Olivia Rae for an author spotlight. Find out her advice for curing self-doubt below.

Recently I came in contact with an old friend that I had not seen for many years. We chatted about the past, families, and our present lives. Then out of the blue she said, “You’re such a confident person.” Confident? Really? I then realized this person really didn’t know me at all. Those that know me best would say, “Olivia can’t make a decision to save her soul.”

Not long ago, I retired from my day job to write fulltime. I no longer had coworkers to be my sounding-board for what I should do in the future. Sure I have friends and family, but they are not always available when you need them, and well, sometimes they just don’t seem to have the answer. So I have to rely on myself… Well, that isn’t true either, I am beginning to rely more on God.

I know what you’re thinking: here’s another article about trusting God when self-doubt enters your mind. Easy to say, but hard to do. So true. How do we pray when we doubt ourselves? How can we pray for others when we are riddled with self-doubt?

I am a member of a weekly Bible class and I was reminded of a great mnemonic for the word pray.

P – Praise and be thankful to God for all he has done for us. He sent his son to die for our sins. What a gift!

R – Repent. None of us are perfect and we all sin daily, happily we can ask God to take away all our sins—past, present, and future. Jesus already died and conquered sin and death for us. All he wants us to do is acknowledge that we need his loving forgiveness.

A – Ask. Even though He knows what you need and want, God wants you to come to Him with your concerns and your requests.

Y- Yield. Yep, this is the part where we must stop our jabbering and listen to God. He is talking to you. Seek his direction and accept the fact that His answer is not the same as yours. BTW- He might use others to show you His thoughts.

So what does this have to do with self-doubt? Besides God, there is someone else talking to you too: your negative inner voice. God helps me to push that voice away through prayer. So this is how I pray when the voice of self-doubt paralyzes me, but you can create your own, God isn’t fussy.

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for your rich blessings and for giving me eternal life through your son, Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking away my sins and cleansing me. Strengthen and keep my mind focused on the positive and take away all negative doubt. Open my ears to hear your will and to keep my steps on the right path. Yours is all the glory. Amen

So the next time you feel lonely, inadequate, or useless, try prayer. You can create your own and keep on praying. For in prayer, I guarantee, God will give you the strength to vanquish self-doubt.

— Tell us about your next book and when it will be published?

I am working on another book in The Sword and The Cross Chronicles. It seems many are interested in seeing another book added to this series. The next book Adoration, will come out early 2018.

— What is your favorite part of writing?

I love to plan new stories. It’s always exciting when I come up with an idea and I am able to come up with a believable story. Starting a project is always very exciting.

— What is your “go to” routine that helps you get in the mood to write?

Usually I like to write in the mornings when my brain is fresh. I get up and spend sometime on my elliptical. After that, I spend sometime in God’s Word and then I head upstairs to do my writing. I work about four hours a day, sometimes more. My daily goal is at least 1,000 words. If I can’t work in the morning then I really try to carve out sometime during the day to write. But life does get in the way sometimes and so does social media.

ABOUT THE BOOK: Joshua’s Prayer

From award-winning author Olivia Rae comes a story of forgiveness, faith, and a family restored.

They only want what is best for Joshua—but disagree about what that is.

When Dr. Sam Morgan’s estranged wife dies in a tragic accident, he returns home from a months-long, overseas surgical mission to discover his disabled son, Joshua, does not remember him. Sam is convinced that he and Joshua can only overcome their heartbreaking memories by leaving their decaying small town and starting over somewhere else.

Nicole James runs a women’s shelter where Sam’s wife fled with Joshua, claiming Sam was not the saint he appeared to be, but a physical and mental abuser. Nicole is determined to protect Joshua by legally preventing Sam from leaving Cedar Ridge with his son until she can get at the truth—is Sam Morgan an abuser or the victim of lies in a marriage that went terribly wrong?

As Sam and Nicole are forced to work together on Joshua’s behalf, they begin to gain a grudging respect for one another. But will mutual distrust prevent them from realizing that the best thing they can do for Joshua is to fall in love?



Olivia Rae is an award-winning author of historical and contemporary inspirational romance. She spent her school days dreaming of knights, princesses and far away kingdoms; it made those long, boring days in the classroom go by much faster. Nobody was more shocked than her when she decided to become a teacher. Besides getting her Master’s degree, marrying her own prince, and raising a couple of kids, Olivia decided to breathe a little more life into her childhood stories by adding in what she’s learned as an adult living in a small town on the edge of a big city. When not writing, she loves to travel, dragging her family to old castles and forts all across the world.

Olivia is the winner of the New England Readers’ Choice Award, a Buyer Best Book Award Finalist, a Kindle Book Award Semi-Finalist, I Heart Indie Award Finalist, and Grab Me Award Finalist. She is currently hard at work on her next novel.

Contact Olivia at
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