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Hi everyone. I’m Suzanne Norquist, author of A Song for Rose in the Bouquet of Brides collection. If you haven’t heard of me, it is because I’m a new author. I’m honored to be in a collection with so many talented multi-published authors.

My story centers around an opera house in 1882 in the fictional mining town of Rockledge, Colorado.

With my daughter as my inspiration, I developed a character who wanted to be an opera singer. A new opera house in town would open the door for her dream to become reality. Before I researched the story, I thought the main purpose of an opera house was to host operas. That wasn’t the case. Opera houses held operas, but they served a greater purpose.

In mining towns, as well as other wild west towns, the main venue for stage-type entertainment—piano music and singing—was the brothel. When a town grew large enough and permanent enough, an opera house was built to serve the civilized ladies and gentlemen. The term “opera house” distinguished the entertainment venue from the brothels.

Although called an opera house, the theater hosted all kinds of entertainment—opera, musical theater, plays, vaudeville, and wild west shows. Traveling troupes would sign up to visit all of the opera houses in an area or on a specific route. One such route was the Silver Circuit, with stops in Denver, Salt Lake City, and a host of Colorado towns.

My heroine, Rose Miller, dreams of joining one such troupe. If only Patrick O’Donnell, the manager of the new opera house, would get out of her way.

Let Rose and Patrick’s story carry you to the heyday of Colorado opera houses in A Song for Rose in a Bouquet of Brides Collection.

Suzanne Norquist explores past and present through story.

Everything fascinates her, so she never settled on a career. She has worked as a sales clerk, chemist, professor, financial analyst, and even earned a doctorate in economics. As an author, she experiences different worlds without starting a new career every time. Research feeds her curiosity, and she shares the adventure with her readers.

She lives in Colorado with her mining engineer husband and has two grown children. When not writing, she explores the mountains, hikes, and attends kickboxing class.

She authors a blog entitled, Ponderings of a BBQ P.h.D. Sign up to receive her blog and receive a free five-day devotion.

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