The Inspiration Behind “Along The Yellowstone River” — Debby Lee

Today I’m happy to welcome author Debby Lee as she shares the inspiration behind her latest story.

When I was first asked to be part of this collection, I ran through several ideas before settling on the fur trapping trade during the 1830’s. What helped me make the decision was the vacation my husband and I were planning to Yellowstone National Park. After researching the location, what is present day Wyoming, and history behind it, I decided to make my hero a fur trapper.

I had also watched the 1970’s mini-series Centennial some years ago, and really enjoyed it. I liked the story so much I purchased the book and read it. The characters were realistic and longed for adventure. Their courageous and daring temperaments seemed to fit the theme of the Miss Adventure Brides Collection, so of course, I wanted to write characters like them.

Another film that inspired me was Reverent with Leonardo DiCaprio. Watching Leo on the big screen certainly had nothing to do with why I watched the movie. (wink, wink) I wanted to see what type of clothing the trappers wore, and what kinds of shelters they lived in.

Although there were several fur trapping companies in the early to mid 1800’s, most notably the Hudson Bay Company, I chose to focus my story on the Rocky Mountain Fur Company, owned by the Astor family. After all, how many people know the Astor’s made their wealth via the fur trapping industry? I certainly didn’t.

When my husband and I made out trip to Yellowstone, there was so much information on fur trapping I almost couldn’t keep track of it all. But it was a vacation of a lifetime, and one that might possibly inspire other novellas to come.

About Debby:

Debby Lee was raised in the cozy town of Toledo, Washington. She’s been writing since she was a small child but never forgets home.

The American Christian Writers and Romance Writers of America are two organizations Debby enjoys being a part of. She is currently the President of the Olympia Chapter of Romance Writers of America. Her fifth novella collection with Barbour Publishing releases in December 2018. The Courageous Brides and Mountain Christmas Brides both made the ECPA Bestsellers list. She is represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of the Steven Laube Literary Agency.

A self-professed nature lover, Debby feels like a hippie child who wasn’t born soon enough to attend Woodstock. She wishes she could run barefoot all year long but often does when weather permits. During football season, Debby cheers on the Seattle Seahawks with other devoted fans. She’s also filled with wanderlust and dreams of traveling the world someday.


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  1. I love this time in history also. Fur traders have always interested me.
    And I loved Yellowstone, when I saw it many years ago.

  2. I enjoyed meeting Debby! These Barbour romance collections are a must read!

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