Never Underestimate the Heart of a Highlander — Janet Grunst

Today I’m happy to welcome author Janet Grunst as she shares about her upcoming release.

Smitten Historical Romance is publishing a second collection of novellas on November 15th. I’m one of four Smitten authors who contributed to the collection. Each story in The Highlanders is about men from the Scottish Highlands, though not all of them stay there. None of the authors knew what the others were writing about or what era the other stories took place. The result was four unique tales from different periods. Two are set in America and two are set overseas.

My story, The Year without Summer, takes place in 1816 and is set in the Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland, the same villages of some of my ancestors. A personal tragedy, as well as the economic situation, require Grant Cummings to leave his work on the Caledonian Canal and care for his brother. In Ulster Ireland, Molly MacGregor also suffers a loss but has no time to grieve as she sews and spins to earn enough to keep her and her young brother alive. See how these contrary characters aid and challenge each other to overcome their preconceived attitudes and difficulties.

The other stories Night Fox by J’nell Ciesielski, A Tender Siege by Naomi Much, and The Violinist by Jennifer Lamont Leo are gems and getting to know the other authors has been fun.

Choosing the cover for a book can be daunting for publishers and authors. Many cover options for Scottish Highlanders displayed far more of our Highlander than seemed appropriate for our stories and our readers. When Naomi Much, one of the authors, suggested her son might be willing to fill the bill and her daughter was a photographer we were thrilled. That’s the story behind our handsome cover model.

About Janet:

Janet is a wife, mother of two sons, and grandmother of eight who lives in the historic triangle of Virginia (Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown) with her husband. Her debut novel, A Heart Set Free was a Selah Award winner. A Heart For Freedom was a Christian Indie Award winner. A lifelong student of history, her love of writing fiction grew out of a desire to share stories that communicate the truths of the Christian faith, as well as entertain, bring inspiration, and encouragement to the reader.

The Highlanders

A Heart Set Free

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