Welcome to the second of nine days of fun and excitement leading up to the book launch on January 7th. Over the next days, you’ll learn more about the book, the characters, and, hopefully, me, too. If you missed yesterday’s post introducing the book, check back. There’s a great recipe for biscuits. Plus you can still leave a comment to get in an extra entry on the drawing.

If you made the biscuits, leave a comment and let us know how they turned out.

Now, on to the hero of the story, Ezekial Graumann.

Most everybody calls him Zeke because when he was a toddler, he couldn’t say his whole name without stuttering over it. So his mother did him a favor and said he could shorten it. He prefers Zeke, because Ezekial sounds so high and mighty to him.

Which he absolutely isn’t.

Zeke and his family own a fairly large piece of land in southwestern Colorado near the town of Silver Valley in, yep, a valley called Silver Valley. Some say it’s called that because of all the silver found there, but in reality, it was named long before that. Most likely it’s because when the sun shines on the permanent snow caps on the surrounding mountains, it shines like silver.

Zeke has two married brothers, as well as two unmarried sisters. In good years, with enough rain, their land can support the three families if they are diligent and careful with their stock. However, the last few years have seen droughts and not enough snowfall, and the grazing is poor. Zeke wants to build his own house, maybe get married and have his own family, but the land won’t support another household.

Unless he can buy water rights from a spread upstream.

But he doesn’t have the money to do that.

So he looks around town for some weekly work to earn enough to buy the water rights and receive his share of the family land.

And along comes Miss Rebecca Campbell. Her father was murdered and she needs help with the mine. Zeke is accustomed to hard work, so he hires on. Simple, right?

Not quite. She is feisty, stubborn, and doesn’t know anything about mining. Yet her determination to find her father’s killer and her resolve to make his mine successful gnaws at Zeke’s heart. And soon he finds himself imagining what it would be like to have her at his side as his wife.

Except she’s obviously not ranching material, either.

No, this pretty filly belongs in the Big City, as he calls it, always with sarcasm in his voice and a sneer on her lips. Mostly because he knows it irks her, and he likes to see her cheeks color. Because he’s not really serious about marrying this girl.

But when accidents happen at the mine that threaten her safety, he must acknowledge that his feelings for her are more than mere curiosity. Now he must choose between saving his ranch or saving this woman who has stolen his heart.

I will randomly draw from all who leave a comment over the next nine days to win a print (US only) copy of Double Jeopardy. Which means, if you stop by every day and leave a comment, you’ll have nine entries.

Available at, and fine booksellers in your area.

Don’t forget to join us on Launch Day, January 7th, at our Facebook event to win more prizes: FB event

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Donna lives in Denver with husband Patrick. As a hybrid author, she writes historical suspense under her own name, and contemporary suspense under her alter ego of Leeann Betts, and has been published more than 30 times in novellas and full-length novels. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Writers on the Rock, Sisters In Crime, and Christian Authors Network; facilitates a critique group; and teaches writing classes online and in person. Donna also ghostwrites, edits, and judges in writing contests. She loves history and research, and travels extensively for both. Donna is represented by Terrie Wolf of AKA Literary Management. Receive a free ebook simply for signing up for our free newsletter!



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  1. I would love to try the biscuits 🙂 if anyone would make them…

  2. Interesting name for a hero.

  3. Zeke sounds like a great hero! Looking forward to more!

  4. I like Zeke and I do believe romance may be in the makin’!

  5. Double Jeopardy sounds like a great story. Hope I’m considered to a chance to win.

  6. Double Jeopardy sounds like one I’ll enjoy reading.

  7. Suzanne Norquist

    My kind of hero.

  8. hero sounds interesting

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