Interview with Jules Montgomery — Jodie Wolfe

I’m so excited to welcome author Jodie Wolfe and share this fun interview with her character from her new release, Taming Julia.

Welcome, Jules. That’s an interesting nickname. What is your given name?

Name’s Julia Walker, make that Julia Montgomery. I reckon I haven’t gotten used to the bein’ hitched part yet. I don’t like all that fancy name callin’, so just call me Jules.

I’ve been told you’re a mail-order bride. How did that happen?

I don’t rightly know. My brother told me it was somethin’ I had to do. I trust him on account of his always keepin’ me safe through all the years we’ve been livin’ along the trail. So when he had me marry that Drew fella by proxy, I went along with it.

What were your first impressions of Burrton Springs?

It was my first time to see a town. I was surprised to see a heap of buildings tossed in one place. I never seen that afore. I liked seein’ all the shops. I don’t think I’ll ever get my fill glimpsin’ what’s in each of them.

Were you raised in one place or did you move around?

When I was a wee tyke, before my parents and sister died, we all lived in one place. But then my brother took me on the trail. We never stayed in one place for very long. Haven’t seen many folks until I came to Burrton Springs.

What’s your brother’s name and what’s he like?

Josh Walker and he’s a deputy with the US Marshals. He and I have tracked outlaws for a number of years now. We’ve gotten pretty good at it. He’s always been protective; makin’ sure no harm came to me. I reckon all big brothers are like that.

What kind of losses have you experienced?

Like I said, both my folks and sister died when I was young. And uh, there’s somethin’ else that happened… I don’t rightly feel comforble talkin’ about it though. You can find out about it in my story.

Speaking of your story, I understand Taming Julia releases tomorrow. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Sure. Here’s what the author came up with on something called a back cover.

In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery’s sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation’s ultimatum that he marry or leave, forces him to advertise for a wife by proxy.

Jules Walker strides into Drew’s life wearing breeches and toting a gun and saddle–more cowboy than bride. After years on the trail, she’s not exactly wife material, but she longs for home and family, and will do anything to ensure Drew never discovers what she really is.

Why should people read your story and find out more about you?

I reckon they can learn more about me and my husband, Drew. It takes some doin’ for us to figure each other’s way,s and we have all kinds of misunderstandings along the way. You’ll find laughter, tears, and adventure in our story. And of course, love too. 🙂

Sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for stopping by today, Jules.

My pleasure. Thank you kindly for havin’ me.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for an excerpt of Taming Julia.

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