Behind the Scenes of Taming Julia — Jodie Wolfe

Taming Julia is set in Burrton Springs, Kansas. No, it’s not a real place, but I based it on the area of Burrton and Pleasant Grove, Kansas. Over twenty-four years ago my in-laws moved there so my father-in-law could serve as a pastor for two small churches – one in the country and one in the small town of Burrton. We visited them several times during the years that they lived there. Each visit we got to tour around the area and view a lot of the historical sites. I fell in love with this area of the country.

My heroine, Jules Walker moved to Kansas from Texas to be a mail-order bride, even though she didn’t know what that was at the time. She helped her brother track outlaws in Texas as part of his job as a deputy US Marshal.

As part of the story she has to come to terms with a traumatic event in her past. I won’t share more so I don’t spoil it for you, but I needed somewhere in Texas for this incident to take place. Because my husband’s aunt and uncle live in Texas, they were a wealth of resources when it came to accurately describing the area. One place in particular is called the Narrows and it’s situated close to them, but it’s on private property.

A couple years ago I had the opportunity to travel and visit them. We received special permission to go on the private ranch and see the Narrows. It’s an unexpected area with sharp limestone rocks, and a deep cavern carved out by the Blanco River. Most times, it’s a sleepy waterway, but when the area has a flash flood, water rushes through the cavern and often to the top. When this happens, you can hear the water gushing from far away.

I so enjoyed being able to see the area first-hand. There are places where the water is shallow and others that are extremely deep pools. It has such a distinct beauty. At some point I hope to use this setting in another book.

Have you ever had the chance to travel to Kansas or Texas? What all did you see?


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