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Today I’m happy to welcome author Susan G. Mathis as she shares about an interesting piece of history and how she weaves it into her stories.

A popular board game of the 1910s was called “Pirate and Traveler.” Board games hit their peak of popularity during the Gilded Age, so 1870-1920 is called “The Golden Age of Board Games.” Because I write during this period, each of my stories include a famous board game of its day.

Here’s an excerpt from Reagan’s Reward when twin nine-year-old boys receive the game for their birthday:

Wanna play with us, Mr. Daniel?” Jacob hollered at Daniel, who was walking toward Casa Blanca, hedge clippers in hand. He gave a wave and joined them on the veranda.

We got a new game for our birthday!” Joseph picked it up and shook the box.

Happy birthday, boys.” Daniel sat where Mrs. Bernheim had. He nodded Reagan’s way and gifted her with a handsome smile. “Miss Reagan.”

Daniel reached for the game and showed it to Reagan. On the cover, colorful artwork of a smiling pirate, a ship on an angry ocean, and a treasure chest was accompanied by the words, “Pirate and Traveler, Amusement and Instruction for the Greatest of all Games.”

Daniel chuckled. “How can I say no to the greatest of all games?” He handed the game to Joseph who opened the box to find a map of the world, travel cards, a spinner, pawns, and instructions. Once they read the rules, they played the game…twice, but soon it was nearly time for the noon meal.


In my sixth Gilded Age story, Reagan’s Reward, it’s 1912, and Reagan Kennedy assumes the position of governess to the Bernheim family’s twin nephews, and her life at Cherry Island’s Casa Blanca becomes frustratingly complicated. Service to a Jewish family when she is a Gentile and tending to eight-year-old, mischievous boys yields challenges galore.

Daniel Lovitz serves as the island’s caretaker and boatman. He tries to help the alluring Reagan make sense of her new world, but she calls into question his own faith background and forces him to face the hurts of his past. Then there’s the jealous lady’s maid who seems intent on wedging herself between them. Can he and Reagan ever find common ground on such a small island?


Susan G Mathis is an award-winning, multi-published author of stories set in the beautiful Thousand Islands, her childhood stomping ground in upstate NY. Her first two books of The Thousand Islands Gilded Age series, Devyn’s Dilemma and Katelyn’s Choice are available now, and she’s working on book three. The Fabric of Hope: An Irish Family Legacy, Christmas Charity, and Sara’s Surprise are also available. Susan’s books have won numerous awards, including the Illumination Book Award, the American Fiction Award and the Indie Excellence Book Award. Visit www.SusanGMathis.com for more.

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