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Today I’m happy to welcome author Caryl McAdoo as she shares about her latest book and a change in genres. Read through to the end to find out how you can enter her giveaway!

Hey everyone! I’m so blessed for this opportunity to visit with you today! Thank you, Donna for inviting me!

Four days ago, DUPLICITY At The Lowell House launched, my first mystery and book one in a new Cross Timbers Mystery series! Cross Timbers like my Romance Family Saga because those beloved characters will be showing up all through the new mysteries!

Morgan and Charity O’Neal Lowell are my investigators—albeit not totally willing. They own the Lowell House hotel in downtown Dallas. They built it in the 1850s more than ten years before the murder as this story is set in 1866.

There’s a dead man in room three-thirteen, and Morgan and Charity have their heads together with Deputy Sheriff Tate McCarthy to try and figure out, “Who done it”! You know, I’ll admit I didn’t know if readers would recognize the story as a mystery. There’s always that enemy whispering in our ears, right? He wants us to doubt.

Can I write a good story that will prosper that isn’t a romance? Of my fifty-seven published titles, just under forty are historical romances . . . Another confession: I couldn’t stand it, I added a bit of romance! Tee hee hee. I mean the deputy has never been married, and Charity loves matchmaking!

It’s so funny that men often think they don’t need a woman. God Himself looked around and saw that there was no suitable mate for His beloved son Adam created in his own image. He knew Adam needed Eve. Yes, she was later deceived, and yes, she gave that forbidden fruit to her husband to eat, but she bore him sons and daughters so that the world would keep turning, go on, and be populated. He needed her. I do love a good romance.

But! This story is a mystery, a historical mystery. And the early reviews coming in have been excellent. I feel like Mikey’s big brothers. Remember that Life cereal commercial where they feed their little brother the cereal that they’re afraid to try? Mikey eats it with gusto, and the older boys both holler, “He likes it! He likes it!”

That’s how I feel about my readers. 😊 “They like it! They like it!”

I always breathe a sigh of relief whenever a new book comes out. Some I have so much fun writing (with my husband—we write everything together) that I’m pretty confident my readers will love it, and don’t have pre-launch flutter-bies. (think butterflies). But here I am with a totally new genre to me.

OoooWeee, as I wrote that . . . Holy Spirit spoke to my spirit saying, “That’s being anxious, Caryl. You don’t need to be anxious for anything.” Which is true, of course!

So now I will choose never to be anxious again over debuts. God gives me every story, so that I can bring Him glory! I choose to trust Him in this area as I do in all the other areas—that I know about! Isn’t it funny how we aren’t even aware until He reveals such to us? Even that is an answer to prayer!

I will never have the pre-launch jitters again! I’ll refuse them, like I do all fear and worry! That is so cool how He does that!

I’m so blessed to be a Christian author with awesome like-focused readers! And I want to say I believe you’ll just love DUPLICITY At The Lowell House!

Please try it! You’ll like it! 😊




GIVEAWAY: I’d like to send a copy of QUINCY & PRISCILLA At The Lowell House to one commenter who’ll answer, what’s a fun way God has spoken to you to help you choose to be more like Jesus? (Like in the middle of writing a blog) 😊






Award-winning, Christian author Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory. Of her best-selling novels, readers love her historical Christian romance family sagas most, but she also writes Christian contemporary romance, Mystery, Biblical fiction, and for young adults and mid-grade booklovers. A far majority of reviewers give her stories five-stars and praise Caryl’s characters as relatable, complex and real.

The prolific writer loves singing the new songs God gives her almost as much as penning tales—hear a few at YouTube! Married to Ron over fifty years, she shares four children and soon-twenty-one grandsugars with her high school sweetheart. The McAdoos live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.


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  1. Love Carolyn’s work. G-d speaks and we are so “busy” we can’t hear. After I’d gotten my M,Div I was on Cape Cod worrying about getting a job when it felt like G-d thumped me on the head and said “November 19”. On November 19th I was ordained and headed to the Dakotas for my first church assignment

  2. There have been several times when I wanted to tell someone what I thought, and that gentle nudge from God has prompted me to keep my mouth shut (I haven’t always listened!) At least now, when I’m upset out in public, the mask covers up the bottom 1/2 of my face, and with my hat on during the winter months, less than 1/2 of my face shows!

  3. conniepsaunders

    I was planning to go get groceries but a short distance from my house I remembered something I”d forgotten. I discovered later that a serious accident has occurred and I could have been involved also! Thanks for your giveaway.

  4. Kristin Carmack

    I loved both the books about Lowell House. Duplicity had mystery and history with a dose of romance thrown in too!

  5. Oh Caryl,how exciting! I can’t wait to read your new genre.

  6. I just love following Caryl. and god has spoken to me many times as i have a daughter that can’t seen to stay clean and she wanders around SF it is really sad. CPS took her son and gave him to her sis and her dad Kaycey at first was missing his mom but then settled down i tried to talk ot him every night and tell him about jesus and see if that worked well a few weeks after he felll in good with their family and loved school so it worked and i frequently send him books to follow.

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