One Moment in Time

Susannah Rorke has just dumped her financee and gotten dumped by her employer, and she decides to take some time in the mountains of Colorado to think through her options. When she gets lost, she finds shelter in a cave for the night. William Fitzpatrick, unjustly convicted of murder, is on the run in 1874, hiding under an assumed name in a wagon train heading west. When he is summoned to the wagonmaster, he figures the jig is up, and lights out for the mountains. His horse goes lame, he hides from the search party, then slides down over the mountain, landing on the ledge outside the cave. When Susannah and Will wake up and discover the other, they aren’t sure what to believe. Susannah talks about something called a cell phone and GPS, and Will carries a rifle made in 1866. Which one of them has traveled in time, and where will they end up? And will Susannah’s stalker follow her wherever she goes? Can Will outrun his past?

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